Simply holiday.

Our hotel offers holidays that make it easy to relax.”

Simply be.

Guests at the Hotel Frangart can enjoy a world of possibilities: enjoying the gardens, picking figs, cherries or apricots from the trees; enjoying a dip in the cool waters of the pool to refresh the senses; enjoying trips into the surrounding nature, then returning to enjoy mouth-watering dishes. Guests can enjoy just being.


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The main concern of the Spitaler family has always been to offer guests the real value of a holiday, namely the feeling of being at ease. Which is ultimately what makes a holiday worthwhile.

Enjoy the holidays in South Tyrol

From yesterday to today.

Since the opening of their hotel in 1968, the Spitalers have made every effort to ensure their guests enjoy holiday comforts - in particular now that Werner and Veronika are the second generation of the family to run the establishment.

There are 23 individually outfitted rooms, a green garden in which to relax, swim or play, a comfortable terrace lounge and a conservatory with wonderful views of the surrounding natural world. The Hotel Frangart has continuously evolved over the years, but one constant has remained: the belief of the Spitaler family that true relaxation lies in the simple things. The Hotel Frangart therefore offers its guests authentic, simple and very special holidays.


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